GreenWeld™ Roof Flashing Adhesive/Sealant

  • 30 tubes per case
  • Excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum, wood & glass
  • 100% solids - no shrinkage
  • Fast-curing & paintable



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GreenWeld AS is a paintable, fast curing, single-component adhesive/sealant for GreenWeld PVB system application. GreenWeld A/S delivers tough, elastic sealing performance, with excellent adhesion to steel, aluminum, wood and glass. GreenWeld A/S is solvent and isocyanate free. GreenWeld is intended for use on interior and exterior joints, including roofing, expansion wall, panel wall, window frames and more.


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Fold it, Mold it, Hold it

GreenWeld’s malleability and 40% elongation provides revolutionary tensile strength and will leave even Olympic gymnasts jealous of its flexibility.