Greenslope Water Ponding Repair Kit

  • Environmentally friendly roof leveling compound that helps eliminate ponding water on flat rooftops
  • Includes Granules, polyurethane binder, and primer
  • Covers up to 36 square feet

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GreenSlope fills low spots to create positive slope over a variety of roof substrates. It is made up of highly durable recycled rubber granules mixed with styrofoam beads. It is convenient to use; mixing readily with a polyurethane binder to create a time-tested trowel grade material that is easily shaped and worked. The cured material is similar to that of a running track or playground surface and can withstand tough climates as well as heavy foot traffic. It is strong and durable, offering superior UV resistance and longevity. Low VOC. Can be applied over or under the roof membrane. (5 gallon pail covers 9 square feet at 1 inch thick.)



5 Gallon

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Water Ponding Repair Kit

GreenSlope can fill roof ponding areas and divert standing water by creating positive slope over a variety of substrates including modified bitumen, built up roofs, concrete roofs, plywood, and single-ply membranes (PVC, TPO, EPDM) roofs.